Frequently Asked Questions

Who is doing the work?

A handful of accountants, bankers and bookkeepers, all with years of business experience, are devoted to providing the tools our clients need to manage their … Read more

What software do you use?

We use QuickBooks for all of our clients. Some clients maintain their own QB file, sending us an Accountant’s Review copy each month. Some clients … Read more

Do you replace my CPA?

Absolutely not!  We work with our clients’ CPAs to make their jobs easier. CPAs specialize in strategic planning and other valuable services. Unfortunately, many CPAs … Read more

What services do you provide?

We talk about this under the “What we do” page but in summary, we provide premier “old-school” bookkeeping services to businesses who prefer to outsource … Read more

What does it cost?

We work with our clients to find a mutually agreeable flat fee for our services, readdressed every three months, and paid in advance. Flat fees … Read more